Villain of the Day: Mandarin

I just got finished watching Iron Man 3 last night, and I must say I was very disappointed with the villain (or lack there of)! Mandarin should have his time in the spotlight. So, here he is, the man with the many rings!

Villain of the Day: Mysterio

The Master of Illusion! Using special effects to outwit the Amazing Spider-Man, time after time.



Tony Stark, amidst a breakdown, lashes out with a reference to Hank Pym’s own breakdown; Avengers Disassembled.

Much has been said over the past week or so about the exclusion of Hank Pym in Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. Director Joss Whedon claimed that Ultron did not…

I love when a fan gets this worked up over a movie! And sadly, I’m disappointed in Joss. He, himself being a comic book fan, should know… The biggest audience for this movie is the comic book fan! If it’s not going to be accurate, don’t even bother. I’d rather watch The Avenger over and over, and at the end imagine my own continuation, then them sluff out another half-assed super hero sequel just to make extra money… -steps off my soapbox-

Villain of the Day: Deathstroke

Props to these guys for making amazing picture so I can put them on Tumblr!

Check them out:

P.S. If you’re an amazing artist and you’d like the world to see, send me a message or send me your artwork, and I’ll post it on here. Comic characters are always welcome, but anything that you guys make will be awesome and I’ll post it for all the world to admire!

P.P.S. If you have any Villain of the Day suggestions that you’d like to see, just ask! I want to know what you want to see.